Between Love & Loss

by Johnnyrook

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released January 1, 2006



all rights reserved


Johnnyrook Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Missouri Loves Company
Cautious got a complex for dishonesty
Here it sits in front of me
She's cutting it close to feeling so wrong
Something has got ahold, it lurks down below
Careful it doesn't get too close
Is she by the door? Or in the hall?
Give her back her hand, or she'll burn us all
Besides the feeling that I get when you disown me
I curse my eyes because it's something that I didn't see
I'm out of touch and out of time without a gasping reach
The pearled gates have opened up and they have summoned me
It's not enough you'd rip my heart out
I'd give it to you openly
It's not enough when you show me regret
But it's too late
Misery loves company (It's You)
When you're stranded gotta hand it to you
No one seems to drag me down the way you do (torn)
Battered and abused
Seeded fears instilled in a yound mind
I guess it's part of growing up
I've read the writings on the wall but have ignored them
You've questioned everything but somehow reaffirmed the sense
I'm fighting hard to keep this tongue from finally slipping out
You open wide and it'd be wise for you to shut your mouth
I held you in the highest of regards
Collapse to the force of pushing over
Oh, it's me you wanted
Oh, contained or at large
Time is what it should have been
Keep on leading her on
I'd do it over if I could again
Would I be wrong, or am I wrong?
Face first to the wind while you sway
Good God can you tell when it's over?
I think, "Oh well..."
Track Name: Ease
The wind blows her down
Like the last leaf of a dying tree
With it's out-stretched fingers towards the sky
Screaming to be free her memory lacks a little
But to her it's all the's all the same
A pale orange sky tinged with a blood red lover
She won't remember that he's gone but to her it's all the same
Days to months, months to years
Tomorrow's yesterday only elevates her fears
So just let me go to ease your mind
Close your eyes I'll be there
When the cold wind cries
It soothes her broken nerves
Endlessly forgotten what she does not deserve
Can we paint a picture and leave out what remains
Ask someone to tell us why to her it's all the same
Look through hollow eyes
I've been thinking about yesterday and what you said
Keeps me alive
And the chance we take
You'll be missing me when I'm away
And the picture fades
We'll still have yesterday
Track Name: Set Your Sights Lower
Capsize sinking the ships, burn bridges
Beneath shallow heartache (waters)
You won't rest eloquently tonight and the screams drown your eyes
Severed everything for nothing
Lay this body to rest
Pressed down delicately to expose what you're fighting for
Lost from here and the now, then later
We'll come back to the scene
She says everything is alright
Have you lost your mind?
Say you will
Keep your promises
If the war is lost
We'll lose our confidence
Set your sights lower
Count the days I won't be coming home
If the odds are against you
Then you're on your own
She says she's fine
Have you lost your mind?
All I want from you is all I'd ever take
Track Name: Wrong Thing
I'm born again
Full of empty promises
This should surely cheer you up
I'm not to disturb you
Steady hands fight the issues
Passive scars may have opened up
Wash my hands of your brothers blood
Come out wherever you are
Maybe you could stay awhile
Would you last through the winter
You'll be gone by December
Wait by the phone, but nobody's home
You said the wrong thing at the wrong time
I've been away for too long
Now close the door behind you
Promises are long overdue
Go on abide by the rules
The looking glass and a blinded fool
Close the lock on the gate
If only now we were saved
Surprise I'm finally back again
It's only you and me I guess
Another day running for your life
Do you swear you were satisfied?
Starting on this
Have you been missed?
With a passionate kiss I'll be convinced
Hang on, the worst is yet to come
I'm born again (you said)
Full of empty promises (you said the wrong thing)
This could surely cheer you up
I could surely cheer you up
Track Name: Secret You
Forgive the things I've never said to you...
I'm sorry
I tried to hold on, you were gone (goodbye)
The day has passed the sun has set
I'm broken standing all alone
Fill it up all the space in my heart (sleep sound)
Rest in your fables a nightmare...
Hide away you push it down so deep inside in fear
That these secrets you
Lock up tight then close your eyes
Will it compromise and take you over
Come quick the world's collapsing in on me
Under my feet
Only you can hold me cornerstone
An opening that's closed again
I'm stretching standards lowering
A consequence that's on the edge of breaking me down
Rest in your fables, a nightmare...
Heaven won't save us from falling...
The hours passed the sun has set
And slowly I watch it all drain into one
In a succession of irreversible time
My words become incoherent babble
A subtle hue of apathy mixed with the overtone of regret
Bloodshot eyes accompanied by the ritual signs of grief
I feel no pulse of life....
Everything I fear
I'm telling you angels couldn't hear
You're screaming at the top of your lungs
Get it out
All the words that fail
Filled and finally
Rest assure all these lies
Taken in, and they compromise
And you
And I couldn't say anything
Track Name: Down the Aisle
Trial by blinding light
I see the fault lies on the outside
Staring down the aisle
If morning won't wake you up
I know the sedative is setting in
Will it be enough?
Pain brings new mistakes
You stand correcting and perfecting
Every little thing
Kill to captivate
We measure distance by your innocence
Sorry you're too late
Opportunity is gone
Where does that leave me?
Somewhere between love and loss
And I'm holding on
Color change at the break of day
And with your last words heading backwards
Nothing left to say
Home on a winding road
Commence the ashes of your last wish
The selling of your soul
Derailed in the open air
You make a short step your focus
Oh I forget...
I know what I'm searching for
Can I get a look at you?
Step into the light so I can see through that dress you're wearing
I lost the feeling
Start the healing
So we can move on
One borderline
I've seen it all before
Stand in the waiting line
Standing here way too long
Never say you're wrong
I've seen this all before
Save me
Don't just stand there
Save me
One last time
Track Name: Breathe
Lies, starting where you left behind
Steady moves that make you unafraid
Lies, separate and intertwined
A bigger hell awaiting your mistake
Memories are all but left to fade
Torn apart and taking a new shape
Release all your tension
To focus concentrate
Your tourniquet
This fire
You breathe in
Change for your tourniquet
What makes it form from nothing
Breathe in when it's coming down
But together, we'll never fall
Breathe in now
Wasn't forever long enough?
Well I'll say, "So long.."
Silence crossed your lips and now you're gone
I'm covered in the shit you have undone
If you think you're unobtainable
You better start to run
Tomorrow will never...
Come in
She said...come in like everyone else
Come in....relax
Come in....lay down
Face to face
Lies and no mistakes;
You feel
Track Name: Take Back All These Words
This is the life I live
What am I supposed to be?
Something all together kind of funny, even clever
Take back all these words
It only makes it worse
Contract, think first
I thought you would've learned
Where is the heart you bleed?
Comfort behind the scenes
Tossing, turning...
Take position
So concerning
Track Name: Serves You Right
Anything but hopelessness
And everything that goes with it
Couldn't take another fall from where we are
Don't deny the evidence
The phony look of innocence
And when you're persecuted for your blatant disregard
Lately I feel sinister
Undisciplined and immature
And I blame society for failure and a broken home
Now it serves you right
The standards that we're living by
There's a difference when we collide
Will you shake my hand and then turn your back to break the tide?
Serves you right
SUCKS me dry
DAMN this endless guilt
All I feel is tangled at the heels
And I'm searching for an opening to let you in
And as we turn
Cautious so that no one's hurt
You run ahead, steal our edge
So I'll take the blame
Patience is my only step
And you're wondering why you've been left
But behind these walls is the way step falls
For the offering
Forgive me
It's been a long time
Forgive me
Can you tell yourself
The end is near
(Serves your right)(Can you tell yourself)