Nameless Ghost EP

by Johnnyrook

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released January 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Johnnyrook Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Wrong Thing
I'm born again
Full of empty promises
This should surely cheer you up
I'm not to disturb you
Steady hands fight the issues
Passive scars may have opened up
Wash my hands of your brothers blood
Come out wherever you are
Maybe you could stay awhile
Would you last through the winter
You'll be gone by December
Wait by the phone, but nobody's home
You said the wrong thing at the wrong time
I've been away for too long
Now close the door behind you
Promises are long overdue
Go on abide by the rules
The looking glass and a blinded fool
Close the lock on the gate
If only now we were saved
Surprise I'm finally back again
It's only you and me I guess
Another day running for your life
Do you swear you were satisfied?
Starting on this
Have you been missed?
With a passionate kiss I'll be convinced
Hang on, the worst is yet to come
I'm born again (you said)
Full of empty promises (you said the wrong thing)
This could surely cheer you up
I could surely cheer you up
Track Name: Ease
The wind blows her down
Like the last leaf of a dying tree
With it's out-stretched fingers towards the sky
Screaming to be free her memory lacks a little
But to her it's all the's all the same
A pale orange sky tinged with a blood red lover
She won't remember that he's gone but to her it's all the same
Days to months, months to years
Tomorrow's yesterday only elevates her fears
So just let me go to ease your mind
Close your eyes I'll be there
When the cold wind cries
It soothes her broken nerves
Endlessly forgotten what she does not deserve
Can we paint a picture and leave out what remains
Ask someone to tell us why to her it's all the same
Look through hollow eyes
I've been thinking about yesterday and what you said
Keeps me alive
And the chance we take
You'll be missing me when I'm away
And the picture fades
We'll still have yesterday
Track Name: Light in the Attic
Your hero's on his way
Your fate he can't control
Heeding his dismay
You separate your soul
Casting off his cape
You've turned him cynical
Now it's time to break his hold
If you would've...could have
Hold me close don't let me go
With a light on in the attic
And I'm saying my prayers
But the truth is I'm ready and waiting to go home
From the moment you said it (goodbye)
I'll regret it for years
Another sleepless night
But you can rest assure
I will feed the fire
We'll watch this city burn
While the fire's bright
The second hand will turn
Further out of sight
Now it's time to break their hold
And I needed space
You needed time
I can't bare your face when you start to cry
I'm going to miss you love
But it's so bitter
What do I do now?
I can't take all the pain in the whole world for you
Track Name: Breathe
Lies, starting where you left behind
Steady moves that make you unafraid
Lies, separate and intertwined
A bigger hell awaiting your mistake
Memories are all but left to fade
Torn apart and taking a new shape
Release all your tension
To focus concentrate
Your tourniquet
This fire
You breathe in
Change for your tourniquet
What makes it form from nothing
Breathe in when it's coming down
But together, we'll never fall
Breathe in now
Wasn't forever long enough?
Well I'll say, "So long.."
Silence crossed your lips and now you're gone
I'm covered in the shit you have undone
If you think you're unobtainable
You better start to run
Tomorrow will never...
Come in
She said...come in like everyone else
Come in....relax
Come in....lay down
Face to face
Lies and no mistakes;
You feel