It's Better This Way

by Johnnyrook

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released January 1, 2003



all rights reserved


Johnnyrook Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Running Scared
Emotion erased from his mind
Like a plot to a story-line
And it thickens as he searches to find
But he knows he is out of time
Last seconds slowly unwind
And he manages to survive
And if anything he know's he's in another world
And you're running scared
And there's nothing to fear
My cancer, this poisoned disease
There's no cure where there's no relief
The answers won't come to me
There's no chance cause I don't believe
That if anything I don't believe I'm in another world
So, here we are
Stuck under this parallel universe that's left us in the dark
We're cutting close
Time's wearing thin
Our last; we'll lay it down on the line
All of our lives
Track Name: Slow, Sink or Die
Slow from your eyes
You hold in these tears
Slow sink or die
While you've wasted these years
Passing you by
The chance to be cared
When you decide
You'll find me here
No safe surprise
When the whole world stands still
Looking back on the old
Chances are I'm seeing something different
Forget the past
I've been told hide the scars
That are bringing you down
Understand there's a point
To a spark that's lighting your affliction
You have my all my heart
Make a decision
Out from the old
A brand new beginning
A love that's untold
But the story's written
Weep for what you can't
Plead your deposition
Another waking pass
And still you get convicted
I see the envy in your eyes
And I know what you're thinking
Maybe I know something you don't care to know
You'll never know how I feel
This secret; I'll keep it
Track Name: The Light in the Attic
Your hero's on his way
Your fate he can't control
Heeding his dismay
You separate your soul
Casting off his cape
You've turned him cynical
Now it's time to break his hold
If you would've...could have
Hold me close don't let me go
With a light on in the attic
And I'm saying my prayers
But the truth is I'm ready and waiting to go home
From the moment you said it (goodbye)
I'll regret it for years
Another sleepless night
But you can rest assure
I will feed the fire
We'll watch this city burn
While the fire's bright
The second hand will turn
Further out of sight
Now it's time to break their hold
And I needed space
You needed time
I can't bare your face when you start to cry
I'm going to miss you love
But it's so bitter
What do I do now?
I can't take all the pain in the whole world for you
Track Name: Swallow Your Tears
It's a lie, a fake
It's the source of waste
Picking and choosing what we take
In the course of things
I've dis-positioned everything
But in the taste of sin
We will not stop until we begin
I don't know who started this game
There are no rules but pleasure or pain
So you'll leave me
But that's all pardon the fall
You have not been here long enough
So swallow your tears
You're a hypocrite
Calming the seas then making waves
You indulge a bit
An endless obsession for what you crave
And your lifestyle prey's
On the confused and wandering
And hold these words in vein
This argument turns to tradegy
You lucked out you're back again
You finally made your way back in
Down to a bitter end
You'll start to condescend
I don't know
Track Name: Prelude
Swim in your sea
Seasons of faith
Fading light
Lay in my head
Every sin
Track Name: Impostor
Darling you're different
Than anything I've ever seen
Truth is I'm anxious, I faked it when I told you those
Lies to your face
Tried to reconcile but you're gone and lost
You'll never love again
It's not like I'm sleeping
Motions keep me breathing
Who cares who tries?
We'll just live our lives
Someday I'll find my own way
But for now I'll stay the same
Just the same as right or wrong
You try to reconcile but
You're gone and lost
I'll never love you again
Call my name
Don't call it out start it the same
I'm safe
You can try to break me
I'm the same as yesterday
Track Name: Three Dreams
Watch the sunrise fade into the day
Just one more morning
With the only fear I could ever taste
I feel the silent breath of glory
My hands are tied with the push of fate
But what more is important
It's not the truth I couldn't face
But it's sad to say
It was hell when you all fell in
And I draw a blank
My end is where you'll begin
What a shame
You have to live your life each day
No room to make your own mistakes
I count the seconds with an open mind
It's a free flowing emotion
You have to make what you deserve
Change your place
This feat looks too far
You'll find that you were so lost in the otherwise
It's too short to realize
That there's no fault in taking time
Take a look at where you lie
What's inside
Where were you when I almost died?
Track Name: To Taste What You Deny
These pictures black and white
No memory of this prior life
In a moment it disappears
So lost from the get go
And I can't seem to let this go
This time you're right and I'm out of place
To taste what you denied me for so long
Without this second chance where will I be
Too far down the river
You can't save me just by swimming
This time I'll stand alone
This time I'm on my own
If you would've come home
There'd be so much more to depend on
And the fortunate ones get to go
You need the silence to fall tonight
I'll wait for the night to last too long
It grows but there's no hope
You can't show what you don't know
Hear what I say
Lost in the wings
Just let it go
Doesn't mean a thing to me
You say what you mean
And I live to hear you speak
I chase the world with you
I say what I mean
And I live to hear you speak
I chase the world with you
This time I'm right you're wrong that's how it's got to go
You have to find your innocence spilling out
Track Name: Broken Legs
I'm mesmerized by this candle and its' flame
It's under control but not always
This vacancy of my memory that's a slave
To the control of someone else
Slow it down to the level I hear
To the motions I make
Oh well you made a big mistake
So what if I did?
Who the fuck cares?
Couldn't blame me more than you could blame yourself
This social disease that harbors me from the same
It's got me out of control and I'm so afraid
How much farther will I go?
This doesn't sound like me
Will my conscience know what's real?
Is this point I'm making...
Is it clear to you?
Is it getting through to you?
What now? What then?
What have I become?
Before the end
I won't find anyone
I'm not just anyone